About SELC

Since its founding in 1982, SELC has helped redefine the meaning of street lighting.

From smart dimmable electronic ballasts and the first hardened long-life photocells to launching the world’s most accurate solar time switch, SELC has continually broken new ground in the provision of world-class street lighting control products.

SELC’s ‘Smart LED’ system is here to future-proof your investment in your city; manage your LED streetlights, build your smart city applications and help you enable improved public services.

SELC brought you North America’s #1 streetlight control network using our patented lamp fault detection. SELC has partnered with Itron and Sensus, whose solutions are now deployed in over 20 sites, providing state of the art controls. We deliver a return on investment through fault prediction, prevention, maintenance savings and the benefit of a dimmable LED system with a multipurpose wireless IoT network.

Our history, 1982 – present.


SELC founded in Belmullet Ireland by Mr Sean Noone


Long Life (>25Years) Photocell Launched


Starts own manufacturing plant


First SME to achieve ISO 9001


Opens UK Birmingham office


SELC launches the most accurate solar time switch


SELC wins National Innovation Award


SELC launches the world’s first (dimmable) electronic ballast.


SELC launches its first Powerline based Central Monitoring (CMS) system and partners with StreetLight Vision (Paris)


SELC wins the EU ‘Green Light’ award for its work on the ‘e-street’ program – The first full-scale intelligent street lighting installation in Oslo, Norway – the first of its kind in the world.


ESB (Ireland’s largest utility company) takes a strategic shareholding in the company through its cleantech investment arm – Novus Modus now Greencoat


SELC completes the installation of its first intelligent street lighting solution in South Africa (Durban).


SELC launches the world’s first wireless (RF) photocell (with Class 3 energy metering).


SELC introduces DALI protocol into its Smart Ballasts and Wireless Photocells.


SELC develops a low cost range of photocells.


SELC partners with Silver Spring Networks (a global leader in AMI networks for electric utilities).


SELC starts delivering the worlds largest streetlight control and monitoring system.


2016 SELC sells the legacy business to founder Sean Noone.


SELC is acquired by Xylem Incorporated, a global smart water and smart infrastructure solutions provider.

Dear Customer,

Since joining SELC Ireland Limited in September 2015 we are now focused exclusively around smart city, LED upgrades, modern lighting management for utilities and smart cities projects.

I am extremely impressed with the SELC team and their ability. I wanted to join them and go on this journey into the burgeoning market of IOT, smart city and intelligent sensor systems. Street lighting is the ‘back bone’ of modern smart cities and utilities.

After all the SELC name stands for Smart Efficient Lighting Control!

For over 30 years SELC has been proud of its heritage and its brand image in the streetlighting space. It has stood for ‘long life’, reliability and integrity. It always delivers the best in class product. SELC has enabled utilities, distributors and business partners worldwide to build their relationships with the market by supporting these best in class products with best in class service.

SELC has partnered with the best AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution and radio suppliers in Sensus and Itron to bring advanced solutions in outdoor lighting control to the customers who need the most feature rich and environmentally hardened smart control devices.

We will continue to listen to customer’s requirements and continue to build in the individual requirements to further enrich the customer experience and make the products more and more useful. We will continue to test and develop existing and new hardware and software to make the product suite even more robust.

From our case studies you can read the wealth of experience we have worldwide in enabling cities to save money, monitor and manage their now intelligent assets and return a benefit to their citizens.

In our company life-time we have already shipped many millions of lighting control products and we also have already deployed over a million intelligent or smart controls. We have the single largest deployment in the world and also some of the smallest. Our vision is that everyone can enjoy intelligent sensor systems to build out a better solution for citizens.

I would like to invite you on the journey with us,

Pat Gayer