Supported Network Solutions

Itron  |  Sensus FlexNet® Communication Network


It’s an open standards secure (WiSun) IEEE 802.15.4g wireless mesh IPv6-BASED MULTI-APPLICATION NETWORK – creating a platform for future services such as traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, electricity metering.

Itron enables the Internet of Important Things™ by reliably and securely connecting things that matter. Cities, utilities, and companies on five continents use the company’s cost-effective, high-performance IoT network and data platform to operate more efficiently, get greener, and enable innovative services that can improve the lives of millions of people.

With more than 25.5 million devices on Itron networks, they provide a proven standards-based platform safeguarded with military grade security. Itrons’ customers include Baltimore Gas & Electric, CitiPower & Powercor, ComEd, Consolidated Edison, CPS Energy, Florida Power & Light, Pacific Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings, and Singapore Power. Itron has also deployed networks in Smart Cities including Copenhagen, Glasgow, Paris, Providence, and Stockholm.

  • Self-healing sensor network
  • Stable auto discoverable sensor network
  • Scalable to large population sensor network

SELC offers (SAAS) software as a service interface via Street Light Vision, Control and Management software system of new or through an API for existing AMI / Control systems.

Control & Management System – Street Light Vision
  • Cloud-hosted secure system
  • Complete control & map view
  • Scales to city, region or utility lighting populations
  • Integrates to other systems – API
Access Points (APs) / Base station
  • Long range radio – between 3 and 10 miles from light pole to a mesh network
  • Compact
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Capacity 5,000 – 20,000 wireless photocells
  • Low-cost connection

Sensus FlexNet® Communication Network

The Sensus FlexNet platform is a point-to-multipoint communication network that utilizes licensed, secure spectrum rather than shared public unlicensed spectrum. This network approach provides key benefits not enjoyed by mesh, cellular, or powerline communications. The FlexNet system uses a private communications channel that offers low data latency, high security, faster speed, and greater reliability. It’s a carrier-grade communication network that powers critical applications for Smart Communities. In the U.S., this spectrum is acquired from the FCC, and Sensus has sole rights to the spectrum, thus providing a clear channel with no ‘noise’.

By enabling the integration of other services, such as street and area lighting control, this shared communications infrastructure can help customers increase the value of its investments in smart solutions. With the FlexNet system, customers can add smart grid applications to these proposed smart lighting and smart community solutions in the future, for minimal infrastructure costs compared to other options. With over 25 million devices supported globally by Sensus FlexNet networks, comprising water, gas, electric, lighting, and other smart infrastructure devices, the FlexNet network has extensive scale and unparalleled network robustness. These network solutions are in place for customers large and small, ranging from individual cities, to rural cooperatives, to large investor owned utilities. Sample customers with FlexNet networks in place are Georgia Power, Alabama Power, PECO, Portland General, Nevada Energy, Thames Water, and a smart network for the U.K. through Arqiva.

Control & Management System – VantagePoint Lighting Solution
  • Cloud-hosted secure system
  • Complete control & map view
  • Scales to city, region or utility lighting populations
  • Integrates to other systems – API
Access Points (APs) / Base station
  • Long range radio – between 7 and 15 miles from light pole to a Base Station
  • Low latency transmissions; no hopping
  • Ability to create separate spectrum channels for difference device types
  • Capacity 5,000 – 25,000 wireless photocells per Base Station