Streetlight.Vision CMS | VantagePoint® CMS

Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software


Unlike most software on the market, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is not a basic web page displaying light points on Google Maps.

It provides a secure, scalable and managed web application software, including rich-web user interface to control, command, configure, commission and monitor any type of smart streetlight or smart city device from any authorized PC, MAC, smart phones or tablets.

The real time map-based interface enables authorized maintenance teams to act remotely on any individual streetlight to verify any situation before triggering expensive onsite trips.

Data is automatically collected from hundreds of thousands of devices in the street, including streetlight cabinets, streetlights, sensors, energy meters, EV charging stations and more, to automatically identify issues and other failures in the street, analyse millions of data, prepare efficient maintenance and energy reports, trigger, distribute and manage complex alarms, provide centralised scheduling system and provide data and services to 3rd party software such as Asset Management tools or City’s GIS.

With more than 500 features, the Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software is the most advanced Smart Streetlight Software. Its user-friendly web user interface provides a flexible web desktop with a large number of web applications for all authorized users.

With the Streetlight.Vision solution in conjunction with IPv6 wireless technologies, cities can now leverage their streetlight network into a city-wide smart city network where to plug any smart street device, providing new services to citizens, reducing cost of deploying smart city applications and  accelerating the adoption of new technologies for a safer city.

With Streetlight.Vision, it becomes easier, faster and less expensive to deploy pollution sensors, parking place sensors,  electrical vehicle charging stations, panic buttons, security applications and energy/water meters. The Streetlight.Vision Central Management Software shall monitor all these additional Smart City devices, while Smart City applications can be deployed faster, at lower cost, by reusing the streetlight grid to deploy smart services for the city. Real Time App allows you to monitor and control your assets in real time.

Graphically program dimming shapes based on times and power levels. Apply the shape to your assets in groups of lights or individual control.Dimming Schedule Calendar. Create, program and apply your own dimming shape to calendar events based on days, dates and special events.

VantagePoint Central Management Software

The Sensus VantagePoint® CMS is a feature rich, intuitive, and secure software solution. Cloud-based and capable of providing multiple permission-based user profiles, the CMS can be utilized by lighting professionals, customer service agents, and even public safety officials.

It provides a secure, scalable and managed web application software, including rich-web user interface to control, command, configure, commission and monitor any type of smart streetlight or smart city device from any authorized PC, MAC, smart phones or tablets. An intuitive dashboard allows for fast overview of the status of the city lighting infrastructure.

The VantagePoint interface also shows individual light status and controls (refer to figure below). This view provides a full listing of all fixtures under control, with current status and other pertinent data. All control modules can be filtered to return those fixtures that meet certain filtering requirements, thus allowing for easy viewing of particular fixtures. For example, filtering can be done to show only fixtures of a certain wattage, manufacturer, group, schedule, or alarm type.

The interface also allows a utility to view, group, and control the lights (refer to figure below). The filtered lighting data can be shown in list form or in a spatial representation, as illustrated below. Both views support additional drill-down click-through capabilities and direct fixture control. Also, dynamic grouping of fixtures can be made from the spatial viewing, and light level control can be applied to these groups (dimming, flashing, etc.).

The Sensus VantagePoint® Lighting Control Solution has analytics and reporting capabilities, including consumption vs. baseline by individual light or by group (see figure below). These analytics packages include time-based graphing of alarms by type, by group of fixtures affected, and by chosen date range. Similarly, analytics are available for energy consumption by these same differentiating parameters. Any data that is graphically shown can also be exported in a CSV table for additional analysis.

The application provides a scheduling capability that allows for scheduling control specific to a day of the week, or multiple days. The CMS allows for schedules to be created that might include scheduled on/off times (+/- offsets to sunrise or sunset), dimming profiles, and flashing profiles . As each fixture node commissions onto the network, the captured asset data (whether through self-discovery or through handheld device capture) is ported into the Light Detail page, which shows all asset and programming data for a single fixture. This information includes GPS coordinates, any fixture programming, any groups the fixture is included in, any additional meta-tags automatically generated for additional searching functions, and the current light state.