Smart Cities

Streetlights are an ideal place for sensors, and they are powered and easily integrated into SELC’s street-smart solutions.

With SELC, connected streetlights can become the ‘back-bone’ of a low-cost sensory network that takes the pulse of the entire city.

The SELC-supported smart devices and network solutions are ideal for adding additional applications such as roadway sensing, parking, EV charging stations, Smart Bins and any ‘smart city furniture’.

SELC has adapted existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) short-range mesh and long range Point-to-MultiPoint (PMP) radios in these applications and SELC network solutions which mean that cities can deploy with a compelling business case from the outset.

The SELC Smart City API enables sensor and application data to be harnessed by a range of smart city applications, enabling better operational planning and more informed decision-making by city leaders.