Benefits —

Energy Saving and Optimised Maintenance

LED street lighting is now being accepted month-by-month and street-by-street. The only way to respond to all energy saving advantages, is by monitoring LED lamp performance and lamp energy consumption through active lamp management. City officials can then optimize their energy spend by connecting and controlling every streetlight throughout its lifetime.

Managing the assets through optimized maintenance with true responsiveness adds value. Dimming regimes for different areas, population demographics and energy savings adds value to the bottom line.

Safety and security in different city areas can be managed with dimming controls and the ability to control the lights in response to events, planned or otherwise. Open networks allow other sensors to be monitored through an open software platform. In a CMS System, interoperability is the ability of an open system with a variety of applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged to meet the energy saving demands of today.